______________________________________________________________ Mark, Lynda, Freddie & Becky Hughes with resident medium Angela Mitchell 

Ye Olde Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook – 02.08.17

The FNB Team

What a fantastic night we had at Ye Olde Ostrich Inn. The food was spectacular and enjoyed by all. The staff were very friendly and helpful and we got to see more than was expected. Some fantastic glass divination for both groups, rem pods going off and emf hits. To round it all off, we were woken at 4am by some very loud banging on the walls in Room 11, where we stayed the night. A big thank you to all our guests for making it so special. – Lynda & Mark, your FNB Hosts

Really great night at the Ostrich Inn. Very well organised. A return visit is warrented: Thanks Fright Nights Berkshire. – Greig C

Really enjoyed my first visit to the Ostrich Inn and saw my first shadow person, something I very rarely see. Lots going on tonight, hopefully next time will be even better. Great work Team. – Cara

The Old Hall, Englefield Green – 29.07.17

The FNB Team

By far the best Paranormal Evening we’ve been to (although only done a handful) Very well organised. Friendly and approachable team. Thank you. We’ll be back for more. – Michelle

Thanks for a great night. Opened my eyes to more than just the Paranormal. Many thanks. – Pat

The Old Hall, Englefield Green – 03.06.17


Really interesting night and good fun too, would love to join you again soon. – Marion

Great experience, learned lots and had a fun time. – Sam

Lovely well planned event, thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to coming back again. – Jo

Lovely night. Experienced a lot and would come again. Caught a lot on my phone, orbs etc. also felt different changes in atmosphere! – Paige

Really great experience. Would love to come again. We have experienced a lot and picked up lots on camera. Thank you for a great night. All the best. – Emily

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